Simon’s Sub Counter

Jules Verne

Sent from Amiens, France - 1898

     "While my book 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ is entirely a work of imagination, my conviction is that all I said in it will come to pass. A thousand mile voyage in the Baltimore submarine boat (The Argonaut) is evidence of this. This conspicuous success of submarine navigation in the United States will push on under-water navigation all over the world. If such a successful test had come a few months earlier it might have played a great part in the war just closed. The next great war may be largely a contest between submarine boats. I think that electricity rather than compressed air will be the motive power in such vessels for the sea is full of this element. It is waiting to be harnessed as steam has been. It will then not be necessary to go to the land for fuel any more than for provisions. The sea will supply food for man and power without limit.

     Submarine navigation is now ahead of aerial navigation and will advance much faster from now on. Before the United States gains her full development she is likely to have mighty navies not only on the bosom of the Atlantic and Pacific, but in the upper air and beneath the water's surface.

                                                                                   JULES VERNE"


...after Simon Lake read “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” at age 12, he decided he was going to build that fantastic “Nautilus” submarine. And he did!

Was Simon Lake the real Captain Nemo?


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