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     On October of 2001, a most interesting piece of art was discovered among the numerous artifacts within the Simon Lake Archives - the original artwork relating to the printing of the Lake Genealogy book in 1915. It was produced by Pierre De Chaignon La Rose in 1915, 86 years ago. Described in the heraldic notes by Mr. Rose, there are some minor, but notable differences between the original art and the final print, both shown below.
   The Coat Of Arms featured in the original printing of the Lake Genealogy is shown below on the left, which was apparently modified by the printer from the original artwork shown below on the right. All else appears identical.
   The shadowing effect used by Mr. Rose is a pale bluish-gray in color, while the printed version used a brown coloration which better enhanced the coat of arms. Also, the yellow background is significantly darker than the original.
   Most curiously, the signature of Pierre De Chaignon La Rose; that is, “ P.deClaR “ is missing from the printed version and clearly present in the original work.

   The book print Coat Of Arms measures 3” in width, and is 4” high. However, the original artwork measures 4-3/4” by `6-7/8” and appears to be drawn in black ink and filled by watercolor paint on standard watercolor paper. The original remains bright with vivid color and fine details.

   A color print of the LAKE COAT OF ARMS  artwork can be purchased for a nominal cost of $20.00, which includes the print, packaging and shipping in the USA.
   The print is on standard size, bright, heavy paper, the actual coat of arms size is 4-3/4” by 6-7/8”.
You can email me, or send cash, check or MO to -

Jeff Lake
POB # 19
Grant, Florida 32949                          

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