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Cyberspace Assoc. of US Submariners

EBAY:     Auction of Simon Lake Memorabilia by seller: lakesubs

E-Book: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne

ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA: Simon Lake , the Argonaut, & American Civil War and after

Hunley Drawing: A sketch of the submarine H.L. Hunley made by Simon Lake from a description of the vessel by Charles Hasker, one of the crew that survived the first sinking. Published in McClure's Magazine in January 1899 .

Model of the S-51

New Book Release: Argonaut, The Submarine Legacy of Simon Lake
by John J. Poluhowich, 1999

Nuytco Research Ltd. :World leader in the development and operation of undersea technology.

The Sub Committee: Submarine Modeling

Survey:Who was the first American to be credited with the 'even keel' method of controlling a submerged submarines depth?

Smithsonian Institution: The National Museum of American History

Ron Martini: Submarine World Network

Peacetime Submarine Accidents that have occurred in the U.S. Navy and other foreign navies. Research by Greg Stitz.

PSUBS Mission: To promote and encourage the discussion, design, building, certifying, owning and using Personal Submersibles. And don’t miss the picture gallery displaying actual “sub” projects like the Disney’s version of the Nautilus by Pat Regan, the little yellow sub Sgt. Peppers by Carsten Standfuss, & more.

RonSubCovers: Site on collecting submarine covers.

Royal Navy Submarine Museum, England

Submarine Force Museum, Groton, Ct.

Squirrels & Minisubs: Humorous fiction by Scary Squirrel World

Trumbull Historical Society: WHERE'S THE LAKE?

UNDERSEA WARFARE: Official magazine of the U.S. Submarine Force
       Article: The Submarine Heritage of Simon Lake


U.S. Submarines, Inc.: U.S. Submarines is active in the design, engineering and construction of: U.S Submarines - Luxury submarines, Tourist submarines, Deep submersibles, Small military submarines, Underwater habitats, Floating activity centers, Luxury submarines, Tourist submarines,  Deep submersibles,  Small military subs

Dutch Submarine Hr.Ms.Potvis from the Royal Netherlands Navy

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